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Signs When You Need Private Hepatitis-C Testing for Women
Signs When You Need Private Hepatitis-C Testing for Women

Signs When You Need Private Hepatitis-C Testing for Women

Nowadays, there are various viral infections worldwide and among them, Hepatitis C is the most common one. A good percentage of people suffer from Hepatitis C. There are certain signs and symptoms that make aware for private hepatitis-c testing for women. It is not easy to understand the signs, but if you are in doubt, then you should not ignore the problem. This infection is a long-term serious chronic disease. Moreover, the disease can infect you in various ways. 

Most of the women affected by this disease don’t know they are affected by it. Some signs clearly say you to choose STD testing for treatment. There are many STDs that have treatments, but Hepatitis C has no vaccine and less treatment. Before reaching that stage, you must adopt healthy sex life and another lifestyle. A careless lifestyle can be the reason for this disease. So, you should always try to observe before you get the treatment. 

What Do You Know about Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is also known as HCV. It is a virus that results in chronic liver disease. If you are affected by the problem, then you may see the signs within a week or a month. But, these infections last for their entire life. Later this disease may be the reason for Cirrhosis of the liver or liver cancer. 

Find a good health practitioner for the treatment. Always remember, you have to manage your health condition if you understand how to manage the functionalities.

  • Transmission of Hepatitis C

The transmission of Hepatitis C is turbulent. This infection transmits through blood via needle and syringe sharing, which are used for blood. Sometimes the needles used for tattoos and piercings are the reason for the spread of infection. Blood transfusion is also the reason for the infection. It is a genetic disease, and a mother with the disease can pass the virus on to her child during pregnancy or after giving birth.

Sexual contact can be the reason for Hepatitis C in women. If you are having sex during menstruation, then you might be affected by this disease. Anal sex is also the reason for this disease. In these two cases, bleeding and tearing are common which leads to the transmission of the infection. Deal with STD infection if you know the method of the treatment. 

  • Common Symptoms and Signs of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C infection often goes unnoticed because you might not observe the symptoms always. It takes 4-12 weeks for the initial exposure of the virus. The signs can vary between acute to chronic forms of infection. Acute Hepatitis C has some signs such as:

  • Jaundice (Yellow Eyes and Skin)
  • Abdomen Pain
  • You will excrete clay-colored thick stool
  • Cola-colored or dark brown urine is common
  • Weight loss and poor appetite are the common signs
  • Joint pain is tremendous
  • Tiredness and physical fatigue are basic signs
  • A high fever is observed
  • Vomiting and nausea are other signs

The long-term chronic Hepatitis C infection can be dormant for years, and it is not apparent with the virus. The significance of liver issues is seen with this infection.

How Hepatitis C is different in a woman?

The signs of Hepatitis C are common in all genders. But there are some differences between men's and women's body functionalities. Take a look at a few differences that women must know. Hepatitis-c testing for women is needed to identify the infection after observing the signs. Get ideas about some differences:

  • Infection Rates

Usually, men are affected with Hepatitis C if they have sex with the same gender or anal sex with a female. Some women are also affected by this infection due to the wrong lifestyle. The behaviour and lifestyle of both men and women are the common reason for the spreading of this infection. The hormone known as estrogen inhibits the virus. The ability of the infection replicates and spread to your body.

The Hepatitis C infection rate tends to grow more among women affected by postmenopausal. During menopause, estrogen production is seen to steeply drops that often reach its estrogen levels that are similar to men. 

  • Menstruation

Hepatitis C is transmitted via blood, and women having sex during menstruation are the common reasons for the spread of the infection. If you want to prevent this problem, then use a condom and practice safe sex every time.

Menstruation is a tough time when a lady faces a lot of issues. In that case, you need to understand how to manage your health condition.

  • Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

If a mother is affected with Hepatitis C, then it can transmit to their child during their birth. It is an uncommon mode of transmission, but 8% of HCV-positive women can risk the life of their newborn child. You always need to remember that your health condition is related to the function of your child. So, beware of the factor.

Sometimes due to the cracked nipples, bleeding is the result. If the blood goes to your baby’s body, it can be a real problem. Therefore, heal your problem before breastfeeding.

Know about the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Weekly injections and oral medications are the treatments of Hepatitis C. After private hepatitis-c testing for women and men, the treatment process starts. It is a chronic disease that can’t be treated so fast. A daily dose of medicine for 2-6 months can help in curing Hepatitis C. Have a look at the treatment process:

  • Start the Dosage of Antiviral Medication

Antiviral medicine is made for clearing the virus from your body. You need 12 weeks of treatment in that case. The medicine is prescribed for the Hepatitis C genotype. The existing liver disease related to the prior treatment is related to the conditions. 

Every disease has a treatment and medication. Now, some medicines work 100% and others work less than that. So, you need to remember that the right medicine can help you in getting well soon!

  • Get Vaccinated

Currently, there is no special vaccine for Hepatitis C. But, doctors recommend getting vaccines for Hepatitis A and B to prevent difficult effect of the infection. Hepatitis A and B can be the reason for liver damage and result in Hepatitis C. Vaccination can reduce the effect of the problem. Also, you may have to get ideas about the vaccination. Ask your doctor before vaccinating yourself.

  • Liver Transplantation/Surgery

Suppose the infection has damaged the functionalities of your liver, doctors suggest removing or replacing your liver. To get healthy liver, transplantation is needed. The demised donors can help you in getting the new organ. The surgery is risky, so you have to understand how to choose the best surgeon who can help in liver transplantation. 

The transplantation may be a temporary solution because this infection may return in the future. You can prevent the damage by taking the dosage of the medicine for a lifetime.

What are the Precautions to Prevent Hepatitis C?

Once you are adversely affected by Hepatitis C, you have to live with this infection for a lifetime. We know prevention steps can always be better if you want to manage a healthy life. Thus, you should start taking precautions and prevention in the following ways:

  • Practice Safe and Clean Sex

This infection is a sexually transmitted disease, so you need to take protection while having sex. If you are in a monogamous relationship, then the risk of HCV sexual transmission is low. You may find health risks if your partner is affected by HIV. So, try to maintain safety by using condoms during sex. You may use lubrication to prevent bleeding and tearing during anal sex.

  • Avoid Sharing Needles

Injecting devices and needles are the common mode of HCV transmission. You may avoid sharing syringes and needles. Get piercings and tattoos from a reliable place. Clean and unopened needles are safe in such cases. You should check the needles before someone use them on you for various purposes.

  • Get Tested

If you are facing issues and you have seen the difficult aspects of Hepatitis C, private hepatitis-C testing for women and men is mandatory. The best way to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C infection is to get tested early. The early test can help you get proper treatment on time. If the test result is positive, then you may get an RNA test to determine whether the virus is active or not. 

Final Thoughts

There are various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in women and men. Among them, Hepatitis C is a common and dangerous virus that may affect your life. This is a long-term chronic disease. Also, this disease is life-threatening. 

If you are worried about the spread of the disease to your partner and children, try to maintain safety. Our private sexual health clinic in London suggests you choose hepatitis-C testing for women on time. Moreover, the clinic provides an STI kit that helps you collect a sample from your home. You can connect with us if your test is positive. Our physician network determines the next steps while connecting with you.

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