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Testing for STIs is Important for Improved Sexual Health
Testing for STIs is Important for Improved Sexual Health

Testing for STIs is Important for Improved Sexual Health

Men and women actively involved in sexual relationships should consider testing themselves to know if somewhere and somehow they have contracted an infection. If you are not having safe sex and you have multiple sexual partners, STI screening is essential because some of these infections do not come with symptoms. Most people have had reasons to fear after noticing some sores on their genitals. This is why it's good to maintain a healthy sex life.

Who should get tested for STI?

This has stirred some controversy. Some people believe that STI testing, even if it's done once, is for everyone that is sexually active, while some think that the test is not for everybody.Generally, the recommendation is that everyone who has reached the stage of sexual activity and is not practising safe sex should get screened.

Testing becomes more frequent if you are not in a monogamous sexual relationship and your partners have other partners with whom they are having unsafe sex (without the use of condoms).

It's noteworthy to mention that condoms are not 100 percent anti-STI, and as such, people using them need to be screened from time to time.

Extra caution should be taken by men who are prone to have contact with HIV-infected persons. There is no exception in this case as men sleeping with men, and even those having sex with drug dealers who may be using intravenous drugs are not left out. Men in this category can try pre-exposure prophylaxis in addition to the use of condoms to help prevent contracting infection.

How often should STI screening be done?

This hasn't been an easy question to answer. When it comes to how often one should get an STI test, men with increased chances of being infected are advised to get screened every three months. Less frequent testing can be done for men with a passive sexual life. More frequent STI testing can give some men peace of mind.

For those showing signs of STI, quick testing is advised. Like many health issues, early diagnosis of an STI will trigger early treatment, and the patient may recover fast.

What to expect in an STI testing

Most STI tests need a sample of urine, blood or both for lab analysis. Should someone be having symptoms of herpes, a swab will be taken from the infected area. In the same manner, should someone be observed to have symptoms of syphilis, the doctor will take a swab from the fluid of the sore. As for men on the receiving end of anal sex, the doctor may request a swab from the anus.It is critical to find out if you are infected with a sexual disease of some sort because your sexual health revolves around this discovery.

Although granted, it may not be easy to let a partner or other partners know that a sexually transmitted disease has infected one, but telling them is very important. In some cases, allowing a partner to know may reveal that someone has been cheating in the relationship, but it doesn't matter. What is important at this point is getting all the necessary help available.

Besides, certain STIslike chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes can be contracted via oral sex instead of vaginal or anal sex.
Should someone suspect that they have been exposed and infected, sex should be kept on hold until proper diagnosis and confirmation aremade, and if the person insists on having sex, they should use protection like condoms.

While having an STI screening to keep sexual health alive, it is also important to use an A-rated health oil on the penis (for men) to improve its health. The Man 1 Man Oil is recommended by health experts, clinically tested, safe and mild on the skin.

A very good oil will contain many essential vitamins like C, B5, E, D, and A. That's not all. The oil should also contain L-arginine, an amino acid function in the health maintenance of the blood vessels in the penis.

Would you like to know more about the most typical health issues affecting the male genital?  Visit the nearest sexual health clinic. Also, you will be given tips on maintaining the sensitivity of the penis and the things you can do to keep the penis healthy.

In as much as you would love to enjoy your sex life, it is advised that you get tested for STIs as this will help you take necessary action.

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